Brothers: Not In Blood, But Bond.

Loki and Thor. Thor and Loki. The eternal feuding sons of Odin, the thunderer, and the trickster; peace and chaos, power and wit, and as mortals would later say yin and yang. The two brothers have always been tied, shackled together in an insuperable bond, a bond forged in the hearts of two lonely children. Two children who became brothers. 

It was on one particular day when the future thunder god was no more than a toddler that the two forces met, and that is where the tale begins. 

Thor had been wandering around the golden palace for what seemed like ages, calling out for his mother and father, and yet neither came. The small tot had awoken in the night with a nightmare, a nightmare that his father lay slain in the cold ice of Jotunheim, all alone. 

Thor grasped the edges of his cream coloured nightgown, rubbing his teary eyes as he plopped to the marble floor beneath him, his electric blue eyes glazing over continuously with more tears. 

"Mama!" Thor cried out, his tiny fists pounding on the marble beneath him growing more anxious with his own emotions. To think that his friends may see him in such a sight. 

Choking back on a sob Thor cried out again for Frigga with no avail. Scanning around the room, the youngling searched for one of his many friends. There was Khyan, the deer, and Ludvik the horse, and even Eir the sheep, and yet none of them were around. His parents had often times told him that his friends were simply illusions, but Thor knew that they were real. 

Sniffling and rubbing his face on his sleeves again the tot stood and began his frantic patter around the various corodiors looking for his mother. Halting dead in the middle of a hall, Thor heard it, hushed whispers. 

"Mama!" Thor cried, and the whispers stopped. A large door swung open, and Thor was astonished to see his father in the doorway, as light spewed around around him. 

"Papa!" Thor cried, rushing forward, his feet catching on the hem of his garment. Reaching forward the young blond grasped hold of Odin’s legs, holding tightly. 

"I-I" Thor stammered, "I thaught tat y-you…" Thor gasped for air as his blue eyes looked up at his father, noticing something new. A wrapping round his head, specifically around his eye. "Did they hurt you papa?" 

Odin reached down, picking up his child and bringing him inside the large and luxurious chamber. “Tis alright Thor, I am fine.” Odin stated before turning over to gaze at Frigga. 

As Odin’s gaze traveled, Thor’s followed, settling on a large mound of blankets settled in Frigga’s arms. 

Odin set Thor down, and the toddler quickly made his way to the bed, grasping handfuls of the warm blankets pulling himself up onto the tall bed. 

"Mama," Thor started, wiping away the tears from his eyes. "What have you got?" Frigga reached out, laying a hand on Thor’s cheek and raising his head to look at her, smiling his mother spoke. 

"Thor," She started, and yet before she could finish, Thor was already pulling himself up and over the mound of blankets to gaze at the object, and when he caught a glimpse of it, he was most shocked. Awaiting inside the blankets was a baby, a bright green eyed baby staring straight at him, wide eyed. Thor reached forward poking the baby’s cheek before retracting, the infants skin was as cold as ice. 

Frigga and Odin both giggled. Thor then felt the large had of his father resting on his back. “Thor, this is your new brother. Loki.”